Hiring process

Our Hiring Process Our hiring process is thee easy steps and it saves everyone involved time and money and makes sure no one is wasting their time. 


I never want anyone doing something they are not comfortable with so we have an application to see what kind of stuff you get into and it also helps determine how much you make This is a job application, treat is as such and your chances of getting hired by us are much greater.

Click here for our application

Test shoots

The reason we do test shoots is because we work with amateurs . We want to make sure that your comfortable on camera and dont flake out half way through

Plus it determines what we pay you what your contract will be its also to make sure you can handle it when it’s for real alot of girls are all talk on the application but not when it comes down to it I have wasted a lot of money on chicks flaking out at the last minute 

A average test is anywhere between 1-2 hours we do some stills some video solo and action we want to make sure you can take direction and that you don’t have something horribly wrong with you like your stinky or have no teeth lol before we lay down a buch of money and sign the contracts it’s just part of our process

At that point we can determine how much money you can make we use a lot of factors when calculating a pay rate depending on if it’s a full contact or just a onetime thing 


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