How much money you can make Custom videos can go anywhere between $500 and $3000 and that is split 50/50 

We promote the hell out of your weekly webcam show weather it is on MFC Xhamster or Chatrubate you keep 100% of you earnings from webcam shows

Yes, we are always looking for new amateur models to shoot for our network . 

Real amateur girls and couples 

Female models can make as much as $1000 in a weekend with most making over $600.

We are currently casting young ladies between the ages of 18 and 38 (cute 40+ girls may also apply 😉 ) 
It doesn’t matter if you are the cute “girl next door” type, the nasty tattooed girl, a hot young mom, or a truly talented girl with pornstar qualities and ambitions, if you have a free spirit, a sexy body, enjoy sex and need a few extra bucks, Contact Us Now.

Also casting attractive couples for various roles.

Important Requirements

1) Sexy 18 to 35yo women (older if you are truly gorgeous by my standards)

2 You must be STD Tested

3) Provide 2 Ids

4) Sign a model release.

5) Shoots are 2 to 3 hours long

6) You will be doing your own hair and makeup.

7) Please come to the shoot freshly shaven, wherever you shave.

8) Please paint your fingernails and toenails a solid color.

9) Please make yourself look good so we can make a great video.

What We Will Need From You
This is a job application, treat is as such and your chances of getting hired by us are much greater. Please be prepared to provide the following items once we reply to your request for info.

1. Pictures: Before scheduling an interview you will be asked to send;

a. 4 full-length nudes – front, both sides and back showing your build, body type and all tattoos, piercings and scars.

b. 1 picture of your face with you smiling.

c. 1 picture from behind of you bent over, ass cheeks spread and looking back at the camera.

d. 2 or 3 pictures of you choice that show you in at your best.

Pictures should be current enough to reflect current hair color and cut, current body weight and all tattoos, piercings and scars. Please don’t send more pictures than listed above. We’re not collecting pictures and only need enough images to see if you fit into our program. The pictures you send us will never be released to the public and are only used in the application process. Also not that the pictures do not have to be professional portfolio pictures so long as they are exposed well enough that we can clearly see you. If you send us nudes with your face cut off or blanked out, we will ignore your application. Yes, we’ve had girls show up that had sent pictures of someone else’s body…

Contact Us Now

What we can do for you
We set you up with a website twitter account tumblr pornhub page and a store that’s all linked to our website and every website in our network we all promote each other and it gets you lot more followers and makes us all more money
We provide a ton of promotion through social media Twitter Tumblr Facebook Instagram Vine and set you up on Xhamster Pornhub Extralunchmoney 

We also do DVD’s webcam shows and custom videos
Our Pledge
I, will do everything possible to answer each of your questions, we will never pressure you to do anything that you are not comfortable with, and we will do our best to stay attune to your needs.
Welcome to the funnest job in the world. Contact Us Now

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